If your child has a
life-threatening emergency,
call 911 immediately.

Call the Main Line for
Appointments, Urgent Issues
and Triage Nurse


When a child is sick or injured, you need answers and guidance right away. South Lake Pediatrics’ triage department is there for you. Our triage department is staffed with highly trained nurses who can help you decide the appropriate level of care for your child.

When you’re unsure whether your child needs immediate care, call our triage line at 952-401-8300. A triage specialist will make inquiries about your child’s symptoms and communicate any questions and concerns to our clinicians. Using sophisticated, symptom-driven guidelines and database assessment tools, we will quickly determine the priority of care your child needs and instruct you on your next course of actions.

Always someone there for you
The nurses at South Lake Pediatrics are on site from 7:30 am-7:00 pm Monday-Thursday, 7:30 am-5:00 pm Friday, and Saturday 8:00 am-12 noon. The remainder of the time Minneapolis Children’s Triage Service answers our phones and assists our patients—so you can call our triage number at any hour. In addition, you and your family can rest assured knowing there will always be a South Lake Pediatrics Pediatrician on call for emergencies.

Need a Prescription Refill?
If your child routinely takes prescribed medication(s), it's important to not run too low or out. Please carefully watch your medication supply and plan ahead to allow enough time for your prescription(s) to be refilled. We will process your refill request as quickly as possible.

 To help us with your request, please do the following:

  1. Always call your pharmacy first.
  2. Have your prescription bottle(s) of the medication(s) needing to be refilled with you when you call the pharmacy, so you are able to provide the pharmacy with all the necessary information.
  3. Your pharmacy will determine if there are refills available on your prescription. If there are none, your pharmacist will contact us to request further refills.
  4. Your clinician will review your chart to determine if and how many refills are needed. You may be asked to make an appointment before further refills are authorized depending on the medication. Your pharmacist will inform you if this is necessary.
  5. You should only need to call our office if there is a problem with your refill.

Refill requests are processed Monday-Friday.