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Mental Health

South Lake Pediatrics’ Pediatricians and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (CNP) are trained to evaluate and treat a wide variety of behavioral and mental health conditions. This can include basic advice on toileting, sleep problems or tantrums. This may include help with sorting out why a child or teen is struggling with school or having trouble getting along with family or friends. We can also assist with assessing and treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, autism or other related conditions. We are well connected with many psychologists and related specialists and can provide referrals as needed.

We hope our library of healthcare links gives you some useful information. These links have been screened by us, however, they're not definitive. We want you to feel free to call us anytime with any questions or concerns. If you want further advice pertaining specifically to your child, please make an appointment with your Pediatrician or CNP. Treatments for mental health conditions must always be tailored to an individual and their circumstances.

The Integrated Health and Wellness Clinic by Prairie Care at South Lake Pediatrics

Prairie Care and South Lake Pediatrics have partnered to bring you enhanced care on-site to meet your mental health, behavioral change, and wellness needs. To best meet the needs of our patients, a Coach Therapist from Prairie Care Institute is available by referral to meet with patients and parents at our Children's West or Maple Grove locations. Following an initial mental health and well being assessment, you and your Coach Therapist will develop a collaborative plan. The plan could include brief psychotherapy and wellness coaching, a referral to a community provider, or a referral to an Integrated Health and Wellness psychologist or psychiatrist. To learn more about our Integrated Health and Wellness services please speak with your Pediatrician or Nurse Practitioner at your next visit.