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Registration is now open!

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Bryant Lake Park, Eden Prairie

The Resilinator, CycleHealth's spring adventure race for buddy pairs is set for Sunday, May 21st.

Enter the Race. Register today and let the race be the date on your calendar that inspires your whole family to be more active this spring. Buddy pairs can be Kid + Kid or Kid + Adult. It's the only race of the year where adults can race side-by-side with kids. So enter now and watch your family's motivation soar.

What to expect. A 2.5 mile course with 18 challenges that will test your teamwork and your mental and physical grit. There is a 113-step climb where you earn your Super Capes, and Resilla-Zappers who will get in your way. Together you will rise above and cross the finish line in sweet victory.

Our aim is to inspire kids for physical adventure, mental toughness and a spirit of service to others, all to create a new cycle of health. Let's get out there and sweat!

PEDIATRICIANS AGREE: The Resilinator is good medicine!





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