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South Lake Peds Families... It's Time to BreakAway!

The BreakAway Kids Tri by CycleHealth, a partner of South Lake Pediatrics, is a world class swim - bike - run - obstacle race for kids ages 7-17. The race is designed to build confidence and endurance in kids. In an age where phone and video games are consuming kids an average of seven hours per day, having the BreakAway Kids Tri on your family's calendar is the perfect way to motivate your kids for a more active, adventurous summer. 

BreakAway Kids Tri
Sat. Aug. 19 - Elm Creek Park Reserve, Maple Grove (new location this year, with swim pond experience and amazing paved bike trails!)

9 AM start

Two course options: 

  • Super Sprint (perfect for first-timers): 100-yard swim, 4.5 mile bike and a half mile run

  • Mega Challenge (great for older kids or kids ready for more): 200-yard swim, 7.5 mile bike and 1-mile run. 

    Both courses feature fun obstacles. ALL kids can finish this race! Check out racers Levi & Ethan's awesome 1:31 minute video invitation for kids.



  1. RACE - If you have kids ages 7-17, register them to race! To register your kids, click here
  2. VOLUNTEER - Volunteers are needed to keep the course safe & fun for the hundreds of kid racers. Register as a volunteer by clicking here

PEDIATRICIANS AGREE: The Resilinator is good medicine!





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